Multi-Role, Multi-User Permission Sets (and API)

Keep a constant eye on who is using your payment system, when they are using it and where. The Kovena User Service provides full transparency across the entire payment platform 

Kovena brings you peace of mind

Our finely tuned, modifiable access controls allows you to have absolute authority over your payment system. Kovena makes it simple to add unlimited additional users, assign permissions and then remove access or permissions as your needs change. Kovena helps keep your organization fully risk compliant and removes privacy concerns while allowing individual data policies and identity markers to be introduced. 

Your password is sacred 

Kovena enables you to fully control your payments ecosystem without handing out sensitive account payments to anyone. You can view, reconcile and manage your own system via the Kovena User service.

Kovena Audit Tool gives you glimpse of the deep 

The Kovena Audit Tool or the Kovena X-ray, is so named because it lets you see deep inside the system. The Kovena X-ray allows you to pull out auditable and traceable artefacts for evidential proof of compliance for accounting purposes, and to provide remediation pathways to address malicious or accident.