What’s New at Kovena – Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Storage

Starting today, Kovena’s accommodations partners will now be able to store Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) whether they are locked or unlocked.

You might ask, what is the difference between a locked and unlocked Virtual Credit Card? An unlocked VCC allows hoteliers to charge the card at that present time and will securely appear within a PMS Dashboard from OTAs upon when a booking is initiated. Whereas a locked VCC does not allow the hotelier to charge the card until the guest has successfully checked out, nor does it allow the hotelier to store the card within their Property Management system (PMS).

Before, Kovena’s accommodation partners were only able to store VCCs that were unlocked (typically from Booking.com). Whereas when the cards were locked, Kovena was unable to store these cards within the embedded Kovena system when partnering with our PMS’s.


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