The average PMS and Booking Engine loses $7.5m in payments revenue.

Less than 5% of Property Management Systems use embedded payments, missing out on up to 1% from bookings transactions.

Embedded payments unlocks extra revenue, and more.

A typical PMS and Booking Engine with 1,000 accommodations, each processing $1.5 million a year in transactions, could be earning $7,500,000 or more from adding embedded payments.

  • Unlock up to 1% of total transaction volumes in revenue
  • Better outcomes for their customers
  • Reduce churn
  • Reduce risk
  • Expand into additional markets
Simple and Fast

Kovena is purpose-built for PMS and Booking Engine solutions. We make it easy to unlock revenue.

Specialised means benefits.

5 benefits of embedded payments for Property Management Software

User Friendly, Seamlessly Integrated

Reduce Churn

  • The service is high value-added, involves a lot of sensitive data storage and hence is not a service users will change very often.
  • The average churn from a payment processor is significantly less than the churn from a SaaS business.
User Friendly, Seamlessly Integrated

Make significant additional income

  • Typically you will more than double the income you make today from your SaaS services, with very little extra work.
  • Average margins of around 0.5% are available to them on every credit card transaction, so on $1million of credit card transactions they will make around $5000 in extra income.
Clean & Simple

Cut costs and reduce risks

  • PCI Compliance is now becoming mandatory for all PMS, Booking Engines, Channel Manager providers handling credit card data, including virtual credit cards (VCCs) from OTAs.
  • PCI compliance is an expensive exercise, however with these new embedded payment systems, like that provided by Kovena, PCI compliance is built in, cutting costs and moving risk off your books.
You know your business & customers, grow with us

Reach deeper into many markets

  • Still today there are many small and medium sized accommodations unable to get competitive merchant accounts.
  • An embedded payment service such as Kovena’s manages risk differently and allows you to offer merchant facilities globally, even in emerging markets where no service has been available till now.
User Friendly, Seamlessly Integrated

Better Outcomes

85% of all cross border payments are made by credit cards, and being “cross border” there are security and currency exchange challenges not affecting domestic payments. Embedded payments systems developed to handle these cross border payments are sophisticated and deeply integrated with the booking and property management systems, unlike external third party systems.

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Benefits to accommodations include:

  • Cost savings – Competitive rates and other savings (on forex, inbound bank fees, reducing no-show losses, manual processing of data etc.) means more money for clients.
  • Reconciliation of data happens instantly with multiple reports available for clients to track reconciliations etc.
  • Flexibility – You can use the booking system booking policies to trigger automatic payments for deposits, pre-authorisations etc.
  • Reduced Chargebacks and Losses on No-shows.

Your clients also benefit.

4 benefits of embedded payments for Accomodation providers

Fully integrated with bookings.

Take card transactions across the counter, through the booking engine, or from an OTA.

Partial and Full refunds, with no fees involved.

Allow guests to easily pay in their local currency.

Retrieve & show the raw card details from your guests.

Transparent payments reporting.

  • Kovena assists with embedding the solution to your PMS and Booking Engine
  • Transactions are connected to guest bookings
  • Fees are transparent, competitive, and easy to understand
  • Clear reporting – hotels know exactly what they will get

Industry-leading security.

  • Highest compliance in market- PCI v3.2.1 Lvl 1 Specialised, experienced 24/7 payments team
  • Tokenized card details stored in our secure vault, minimising risk.
  • 3D Secure for high risk payments, transferring liability from you to the cardholder*
  • Kovena’s PCI Travel Vault ensures you remain 100% PCI Compliant
  • Emails and SMS sent to card holder after each transaction.

Easy to get started

  • No setup fees: we partner with you.
  • We work hand in hand with you to build the best
    solution for your customers.
  • Our templates and API documentation make it easy and fast to get set up. we work with you each step of the way and do the heavy lifting.
  • Average 2 weeks set up time.