Globally available, locally competitive.

Kovena is an embedded payments operator based out of Australia with the ability to service accommodations globally. Specialising in Emerging markets, we keep retail fees down by not charging a sign up fee, subscription fee, and no fees for refunds.

We can operate in any country globally.

Here are a few of our top ones:

Retail Pricing

Kovena works with you to offer competitive retails rates for your customers to process payments. We understand each country in different in the fees required to do this, and tailor our appoach to each segment of your market in order to offer a beneficial solution.

Kovena’s system dramatically reduces chargebacks for accomodations, increasing the income for properties and freeing up time spent on fighting disputes.

Wholesale Pricing

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Easy to get started

  • No setup fees: we partner with you.
  • We work hand in hand with you to build the best
    solution for your customers.
  • Average 2 weeks set up time