Simplifying PCI compliance for the Travel Industry.

Property Management Systems and Channel Mangers globally use Kovena’s PCI Travel Vault to tokenize and store card details because achieving PCI compliance should not be something you have to think about – We built our PCI Travel Vault to reduce risk, cost and hassle of PCI compliance for you.

Use Cases

Accommodations struggling with their current PMS and Booking Engine payments environment

  • As a Hotel, I wish to be able to see and process credit cards offline.
  • As a Consumer, I wish to be able to provide payment details in advance to Hotels who do not have an online merchant facility to secure my booking.
  • As a Channel Manager, PMS or Booking Engine, I wish to reduce my PCI DSS scope and not touch raw card data passed to a Hotel.
It’s a breeze

Simple and secure PCI Compliance.

Kovena’s PCI Travel Vault is the simplest and fastest way to achieve
PCI compliance since your systems never touch sensitive card data.

All OTAs are different. Kovena’s PCI Compliant Travel Vault connects to any OTA no matter if they push or require you to pull the booking and payment details.

Integrate Quickly

PCI Compliance has always been time-consuming and costly – not any more. With just a few lines of code, you can filter data streams using Kovena’s PCI Travel Vault and automatically convert sensitive data into tokens.

Reduce Risk

Avoid data thefts by storing sensitive data in our secure data vaults. We take care of the security of your data around the clock, monitor anomalies and constantly improve the systems.

OTA Agnostic

Whether bookings are direct or come from an OTA, Kovena’s PCI Travel Vault can manage the process of tokenising the card before it ever hits your system.

Best in Class


Kovena offers our PCI Travel Vault as a standalone solution, but if partnered with our payments we give this solution to you for free.

Without Kovena Pay With Kovena Pay*
Base Cost Per License (PMS / Booking Engine / Channel Manager) USD $200 / month(Without Kovena Pay) Free(With Kovena Pay*)
Conversion / Tokenisation Cost USD $0.012 per(Without Kovena Pay) Free(With Kovena Pay*)
Implementation Fee USD $4k(Without Kovena Pay) $4k(With Kovena Pay*)

*these fees are waived if using Kovena’s Embedded Payments Solution.


Easy to get started

  • No setup fees: we partner with you.
  • We work hand in hand with you to build the best
    solution for your customers.
  • Average 2 weeks set up time