Check-in & On-site Micro Report #2 (Pacific Islands)

The Check-in & On-site Micro Report (Pacific Islands) is a part of a series of Micro Reports dedicated to helping hotels optimise their check-in & on-site experience for guests, in the Pacific Region.

The insights and data in this report have been extracted from the full 40-page Pacific Islands Hotel Insights 2022 Report. Access the Full 40-page Report.

Cover of the Check-in & On-site Micro Report (Pacific Islands)

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to reduce fees for international transactions
  • Features that can minimise no-shows and maximise non-room revenue
  • Ways to enhance overall guest experience

Key highlights include:

  • Hotels in the Pacific lose, on average, 137K annually due to no-shows
  • Hotels that only take payment on arrival experience 44% more no-shows
  • 67% of hotels believe that non-room revenue is crucial to growth

84% of Pacific Island hotels do not have an app to enhance their guest experience.

Check-in & On-site Micro Report (Pacific Islands) Tweet

Kovena. Seamless payments for Pacific Island Hoteliers.

Download the Booking & Pre-stay Micro Report (Pacific Islands) now.

  • With over 130+ responses from Pacific Island accommodations
  • Understand the importance of reducing no-shows
  • Key insights on how to enhance the check-in & on-site experience for guests
  • Access the Full 40-page Report

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