Optimising the Point of Booking Flow in the Pacific Islands

Series: Booking & Pre-stays Micro Report

This article is part of a series dedicated to helping hotels optimise their booking flow and pre-stay process in the Pacific Islands. The insights and data have been derived from the Booking & Pre-stays Micro Report (Pacific Islands), which is a free report for hotels, produced by Kovena.  

The shift towards online payments from all aspects of travel, from flights to luxury hotels, has been a long time coming. Yet, there are still hotels in the Pacific Islands that don’t have online card payment options. 

Based on the research presented in the Booking & Pre-stays Micro Report (Pacific Islands), more than half (54%) of the properties in the region do not currently take online card payments. 

Over a quarter (26%) of hotel bookings come through a hotel’s website, meaning a large portion of guests aren’t receiving the best possible customer experience because they have to create a booking through an OTA.

When enabling online payments for a hotel in the Pacific Islands, the impacts are dramatically positive for both guest and hotelier.

Guests wants to have a streamlined booking experience.

59% of hotels in the Pacific Islands offer payment through bank transfer, cash, or cheque, and a little less than a quarter (24%) only take payment when the guest arrives. 

46% of hotels in the Pacific Islands region take payments at the point of booking

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Furthermore, the manual processing of payments in the region exposes hotels to data breaches, falling foul to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Hoteliers asking for payment details manually through email or over the phone, like 47% of hotels do in the Pacific Region, is not best practice and should try to be avoided. 

Having card payment details securely stored helps maximise add-ons for guests. In the Pacific Islands, 15% of guests will upgrade their room before check-in so securing an upgrade with an immediate deposit or full payment can help prevent loss revenue from no-shows.

Micro Reports will be released each quarter with data derived from the Pacific Islands Hotel Insights 2022 Report, and will be free to access.

The insights and data in the Booking & Pre-stays Micro Report (Pacific Islands) has been extracted from the full 40-page Pacific Islands Hotel Insights 2022 Report (access here).

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